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Ticklers & Extenders


 Extenders Also known as a PPA, this hollow, penis-shaped dildo fits over your own penis. You can use these to increase the length or width of your penis, to sustain or simulate an erection, or just because you feel like having a different penis for the day.

Men with erectile dysfunction love extenders, which help them simulate the thrusting that accompanies traditional intercourse. But don't think that other men can't use them too, even men who are more than satisfied with the length and girth of their members. Using a sex toy is all about trying new things!

The French Tickler features as prominently in adolescent sexual mythology as Spanish Fly, with one noticeable difference: Spanish Fly is imaginary and ticklers are real products. While not the "tongue" on the tip of a condom, as French Ticklers are often described, ticklers are nevertheless fun toys for men to use during intercourse.

Made of a stretchy substance such as latex, rubber or jelly, ticklers fit over the shaft of the penis and are usually covered with a tactile feature that increases stimulation for the wearer's partner. For example, a typical tickler might be a rubber sheath about two inches long that is covered with shallow rubber knobs. Another might be a short, pineapple-shaped sleeve with rubber "fronds" to excite both the wearer and his partner.

While some men complain about the friction, many men swear that both they and their partners swoon with delight over this intercourse-enhancer. If you feel the sleeve rubbing a little too much, try using some lubrication for a slicker time.

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